General Gynaecology

Dr Peeevor offers comprehensive care for women from late teenage years through menopause and beyond. His expertise covers a wide range of conditions which can be treated either within the clinic setting or as a hospital patient. If surgery is required, the option of keyhole surgery can be explored wherever possible, to ensure minimal lifestyle disruption and a return to normal life in the quickest possible time.

The list of problems is long and varied and we would advise that you take advantage of the personal and professional service for which Dr Peevor is renowned – and contact us to make an appointment to discuss your specific problems, concerns, needs and requirements. 

Please see the Appointments & Contact us section of this website for guidance on appointments, time scales and contact information.


Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Irregular bleeding




Endometrial Polyps

Ovarian cysts



Prevention and Screening

HPV Vaccination
HPV Testing
Cervical Screening

Ovarian cancer screening